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Slim Down 2018 Winner
Mildred Curley
Slim Down 2017 Winner
Ann Marie Varela
Slim Down 2016 Winner
Doreen Zayer
Slim Down 2015 Winner
Amanda Canfield
Slim Down 2014 Winners
 Slim Down 2013 Winners
 Steve Tori
 Mary Tomes

 Slim Down 2012 Winners
Missy Quest

Michael Novak


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The Contest

Win $1000's in cash/prizes for having the Staten Island Slim Down's most inspiring transformation. Entering the contest is FREE of charge.

Your Trainer

Tony Books Avilez
Tony Books Avilez has been a fitness pro since 1995 and is the owner and operator of Staten Island Boot Camp and Personal Training.

Staten Island Slim Down is powered by a not-for-profit organization developed for the purpose of providing Staten Islanders with information, inspiration, strategies, tactics and tools. Along with our sponsors it is our sole intention to assist in the process of personal development of all participants with the provision of all resources FREE of charge.